Demobbed Overseas locations for Florida by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Bonifay Tri-county Airport (1)48 miles N of Panama City
Boynton Beach (1)28 miles N of Fort Lauderdale
Brevard County (1)48 miles SE of Orlando
Clearwater (2)15 miles NW of St. Petersburg
Florida area (5)
Fort Lauderdale - Executive (2)25 miles N of Miami
Fort Pierce - St. Lucie (2)95 miles SE of Orlando
Gulf Breeze (1)56 miles ESE of Mobile, Alabama
Key West International Airport (1)107 miles NNE of Havana, Cuba
Kissimmee Gateway Airport (2)19 miles S of Orlando
Lakeland (3)32 miles ENE of Tampa
Leeward Air Ranch (1)
Melbourne IAP (2)58 miles SE of Orlando
Miami (2)
Milton Airport (1)2.5 miles E of the town
Monroe County (1)35 miles WSW of Miami
New Smyrna Beach (2)40 miles NE of Orlando
New Smyrna Municipal Airport (1)12 miles SE of Daytona Beach
Ocala Regional Airport (1)68 miles NW of Orlando
Opa Locka (2)10 miles NW of Miami
Palm Beach County Airport (1)56 miles N of Miami
Patrick AFB (1)50 miles SE of Orlando
NAS Pensacola - Museum (5)10 miles SW of Pensacola
Pinellas County (1)21 miles WNW of Tampa
Polk City (10)38 miles SW of Orlando
Punta Gorda - Charlotte County Regional Airport (1)80 miles S of Tampa
Sanford (1)16 miles NE of Orlando
St. Cloud (2)
Tallahassee Regional Airport (1)5 miles SW of Tallahassee
Tamiami (1)17 miles SW of Miami
Tampa Airport (1)
Tampa North Aero Park (1)19 miles N of Tampa
Titusville - Museum (2)North East corner of the airport
Titusville - Space Coast Regional Airport (4)34 miles E of Orlando
Volusia County (1)20 miles NE of Orlando
Zephyrhills (4)25 miles NE of Tampa

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