Demobbed Locations for Ireland by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Abbeyshrule, Ireland (3)95 km WNW of Dublin
Ashbourne area, Ireland (1)19 km NNW of Dublin
Baldonnel - Casement, Ireland (2)14 km WSW of Dublin city centre on N7 - easy!
Ballyboy, Ireland (4)3 km NE of Athboy
Cloughan, Mullingar, Ireland (1)74 km WNW of Dublin
Dolly's Grove, Ireland (1)19 km WNW of Dublin
Dromod, Ireland (4)122 km NW of Dublin
Dublin - National Museum, Ireland (2)Close to Phoenix Park
Ireland (2)an island in the North Atlantic
Kilrush, Ireland (1)48 km SW of Dublin
Mountnagle area, Ireland (1)41 km N of Cork
Newcastle - Wicklow, Ireland (1)10 km N of Wicklow
Shannon Museum, Ireland (5)3 km NE of the airport
Sligo, Ireland (1)7 km W of Sligo
Toomyvara area, Ireland (1)55 km NE of Limerick
Weston, Ireland (1)8 km W of Dublin

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