Large US aircraft carrier, within striking range of mainland Europe

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
AD540 Supermarine Spitfire VA Private Sep 2018  
BS410 Supermarine Spitfire IX(T) PK-A, G-TCHI Restoration Apr 2018  
ES921 DH Puss Moth G-AEOA Private  
FJ805 Stearman Kaydet PT-27 G-CKSR Private Nov 2017 History
FK877 Stinson Reliant N69745, Birmingham area Rebuild Jul 2016  
J8047 Gloster Gamecock (Mod) G-ADIN Private History
K5409 Hawker Hind Stored 2008 History
K5462 Hawker Hind Stored 2008 History
K5554 Hawker Hind Stored 2008 History
K6618 Hawker Hind Stored 2008 History
K6833 Hawker Hind Stored 2008 History
L7191 Hawker Hind Stored 2008 History
LZ844 Supermarine Spitfire Vc UP-X Private Jun 2013  
MW758 Hawker Tempest II HA580 Private  
N6837 DH Tiger Moth G-ANOM, in the Bristol area Rebuild Jun 2000  
SE001 Boeing ScanEagle RM1 W.f.u. May 2018 History
T7748 DH Tiger Moth II G-ALBD Private Oct 2014 History
TP367 Supermarine Spitfire FXVIII IAF HS669 Private  
VF603 Auster AOP6 G-ASOC Private Jun 2004 History
VP964 DH Devon C1 G-AOIZ Private  
WB919 Slingsby Sedbergh TX1 BGA3174/FDH/P Private Apr 2005 History
WG471 DHC Chipmunk T10 (PAX) Private Apr 2013 History
WG499 Slingsby Sedbergh TX1 BGA4707/R92 Private Jan 2011 History
WJ717 EE Canberra TT18 9052M Private Sep 2006 History
WK584 DHC Chipmunk T10 7556M (PAX) Unknown History
WL405 Gloster Meteor T7 RAE marks Private Jun 2013 History
WP859 DHC Chipmunk T10 E, G-BXCP Wreckage Apr 2017 History
WV483 Percival Provost T1 N-E, 7693M Private History
WZ794 Slingsby Grasshopper TX1 BGA3300/FJP Private May 2013 History
XE801 Slingsby Cadet TX3 On rebuild Jan 2007 History
XF300 Hawker Hunter GA11 Wears 'WB188' red scheme, Private Aug 2017 History
XG544 Bristol Sycamore HR14 Private History
XJ409 Westland Whirlwind HAR10 Private Apr 2006 History
XN636 Hunting Jet Provost T3A 15, 9045M Private History
XN657 DH Sea Vixen D3 (N) Preserved History
XP280 Auster AOP9 Stored Apr 2014 History
XP492 Slingsby Grasshopper TX1 BGA3480/FSB Private Sep 2005 History
XP677 Hunting Jet Provost T4 Private History
XP883 Westland Scout AH1 (F) Private Dec 2016 History
XR954 Folland Gnat T1 30, 8570M Museum Dec 2007 History
XT681 Westland Wessex HC2 U Scrapyard Oct 2013 History
XV118 Westland Scout AH1 Paintball Park Aug 2013 History
XV357 Blackburn Buccaneer S2A (C) M&RU History
XV402 McDD Phantom FGR2 (N) Stored May 2013 History
XV669 Westland Sea King HAS1 10 Derelict Feb 2010 History
XW889 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 TAD018, not noted 07/2015 DSEME May 2014 History
XZ938 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 45, 9304M Private Jan 2012 History
ZB670 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 Preserved Jun 2016 History
ZD283 Westland Lynx AH7 D, cabin only Private Nov 2013 History
ZD952 Lockheed TriStar KC1 (C), 952 Scrapped Dec 2014 History
ZE352 McDD Phantom F-4J (N) G, 74 Sqn marks Private Mar 2013 History
ZE592 Grob Viking T1 (F) Private Aug 2018 History
ZE965 Panavia Tornado F3 (N), 111 Sqn marks Private Aug 2017 History
ZJ392 BAE Systems Phoenix Private May 2016 History
ZJ635 Twin Squirrel AS.355 HCC2 G-WDKR Private Jul 2013 History
ZK450 Beech King Air B200 G-CIFE Private May 2014 History
ZR322 Agusta A.109 E G-CDVC Private Apr 2016 History

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