Wright-Patterson Museum, Ohio
5 miles NE of Dayton
39.782725, -84.110173
National Museum of the United States Air Force
Other Details
Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
AJ311 Lockheed Ventura II Museum, stored May 2011  
AK987 Curtiss Kittyhawk I 104, N1237N Museum Sep 2017 History
DE744 DH Tiger Moth II N39DH Museum Sep 2017  
HK959 Junkers Ju.88 D-1 105, ex RomAF Museum, inside Sep 2017 History
MA863 Supermarine Spitfire Vc HL-B Museum, inside Sep 2017  
NR695 DH.89 Dominie I N2290F Museum May 2009  
PA908 Supermarine Spitfire PRXI MB950 Museum, inside Sep 2017  
RS709 DH Mosquito TT35 P, 'NS519' Museum Apr 2016 History
T5049 Bristol Beaufighter IC (F) A19-43 Museum Sep 2017 History
XS688 Hawker Kestrel FGA1 2, 418262 Museum May 2009 History
ZA374 Panavia Tornado GR1 CN, wears 'ZD374' Museum Apr 2016 History

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